The cars seized by Derbyshire police over the last few days - and the criminal reasons why

Derbyshire police have seized a number of cars over the last few days.

Monday, 15th April 2019, 2:54 pm
Updated Monday, 15th April 2019, 3:14 pm
Stock picture.

Here are pictures and details of vehicles taken off Derbyshire's highways by Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit recently. The information comes from the unit's Twitter account - @DerbyshireRPU.

The tweet said: "A6 Buxton. Enroute to KFC for a date. Not got a driving licence. Sure there is a joke about a chicken crossing the road in here somewhere. #Seized."
The tweet said: "A6 Thulston. Vehicle linked to thefts. Stopped to find two babies being held in arms in the back. Driver no insurance or licence. Passenger wanted for failing to appear at court. She is arrested, driver reported, car #Seized."
The tweet said: "Derby. Corsa driver purchased the car two days ago and was 'on the way home to call the insurance company'. Not insured. #Seized."
The tweet said: "Derby. Motorcycle rider sees us and parks up. Not insured. #Seized."
The tweet said: "Creswell. Pulls out a side street, sees us and pulls straight on to another side street. Parks up and walks off. Stopped and driver found to be wanted for a violent robbery and the car is stolen rolling round on false plates. Arrested. #Seized."
The tweet said: "Dove Holes. Van cruising about and sets off copper's nose. Stopped to find the driver isn't on the insurance. Plus a load of drugs on board. Two arrested for possession with intent to supply. #Seized."
The tweet said: "Langley Mill. Not the type of takeaway he was after driving his uninsured car. #Seized."
The tweet said: "Buxton. Mercedes driven by a disqualified driver. Boxed in and stopped. Off back to court again and car #Seized."
The tweet said: "Buxton. Cruises by, is driven by a male. Only a female listed on the insurance. Two bald tyres. Faulty brakes. Another death trap removed. #Seized."
The tweet said: "Alfreton. Drives past and pings up no insurance. Then seen crawling up a hill with two under inflated tyres, one a space saver. Missing a wing mirror and has an expired MOT. And a baby in the back. #Seized."