You’ll dig comic Doug’s latest show

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Award winning comedy mind reader Doug Segal will be performing his five-star, critically acclaimed show, I Can Make You Feel Good, at the Nottingham Comedy Festival on November 10, at 8pm at Spanky Van Dykes.

Following a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Doug is bringing his brand new show, which is designed to make you feel good, to Nottingham for the first time. Mind tricks, jokes and an endorphin rush are all guaranteed.

Tickets are £5 in advance (£7 on the door) via or

While other mind readers focus on being dark and mysterious, Doug thought ‘what’s the point of being “Britain’s best comedy mind reader” (The Skinny) if you can’t use you powers to make people experience happiness, even just for a while?’ Join Doug in an experiment in the science of happiness as he and the audience try to raise their serotonin levels!

Doug Segal is not a magician, clairvoyant or a hypnotist. Everything he does is achieved though application of principles learned in his previous career spent working in advertising agencies. He employs persuasion techniques, statistics and insight into the way people think and make decisions, along with two key advertising skills: cheating and lying, all offered up with humour, rakish charm and a rock and roll attitude.