Strangeface have a nose for a classic story

Strangeface Theatre's Pinocchio
Strangeface Theatre's Pinocchio

Strangeface Mask Theatre Company will be presenting The Amazing Adventures of Pinocchio at Heanor Baptist Church on Wednesday, February 27 and the Florence Nightingale Memorial Hall in Holloway on Thursday, February 28.

Audiences up and down the country have been enthralled by this tale of wild mischief and temptation told using an extraordinary mix of masks, puppets, live music and song.

The production, supported by Live And Local, appeals across the generations and has played to audiences comprising the very old to the very young.

Artistic director Russell Dean explained: “It is sometimes assumed that mask and puppet theatre is just for children.

“While we know that children as young as three and four have been “enthralled”, we make our productions layered, so that people in their teens or groups of adults enjoy them equally – though perhaps for different reasons!

“This version of Pinocchio goes back to the original story from the Italian author, Collodi, so you might be surprised by some of the differences between our characters and those from the iconic Disney film.”

For tickets for the Heanor performance, call 01773 718676, and for the Holloway show call 01773 856545.