Louise’s latest theatre offering comes to Derby Theatre

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The Dead Sea, a play perfect for ages seven and over, will be performed at Derby Theatre Studio on February 24, from 4pm.

East Midlands-based performance artist, Louise White will tour regional In Good Company venues with her production.

Louise has lost her sense of adventure. Her days consist of observing sponges... which is pretty boring. She would love to journey to the deep ocean, if only she wasn’t so afraid of the water!

As a child she wanted to be a great ocean explorer and liked nothing more than to play her toy turtle and inflatable killer whale.

Louise embarks on a mission to the deep ocean, but on the way tragedy strikes and her life and childhood dreams hang in the balance. Will she make her way back to the surface? Will she conquer her fear of the sea? Join Louise on her journey as she explores the ocean depths.

With a mix of light humour, adventure and tragedy; Louise faces plenty of challenges as she pursues her dreams below the waves.

The Dead Sea is a performance suitable for all, looking to get all ages excited about saving our planet and looking towards the future. Thoughts from Louise...

Louise White explained: “The Dead Sea is a bit of fun looking at what life might have been like in an alternate reality had I pursued wanting to be a marine biologist when I was 13. As it happens, when I was 14 I fell in love with theatre and the rest, as they say, is history.

“There are also a lot of my own experiences that go into my work, particularly surrounding mental health. I previously created a show called Debris that dealt with my experience of depression. The Dead Sea deals with the ideas of anxiety, and loss of purpose and passion. What is it to become disillusioned? In the making of the show, mindfulness has played a big part, and meditation music has been integral to the making process and getting that feeling of ‘under the sea’.

Parents looking for something different to the usual family show, which tends to be very excitable, have praised the calming and gentle atmosphere the show creates.”

Ticket prices vary from £6-£10 with concession and group rates available. For more information, or to book tickets, please visit www.derbytheatre.co.uk or call the box office on 01332 593939.

Photo by Lamar Francois