A pair of shows for all ages


Mimika Theatre will be presenting the shows Small Worlds and Landscapes at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall from August 9-12.

The internationally renowned company will come to the venue to offer what is hoped to be a truly unforgettable experience for children and families.

Mimika have been creating non-verbal theatre for young audiences since 1981. The members of the group combine traditional skills and innovative techniques such as puppetry, digital projections and original lighting effects to produce stunning visual theatre.

Audiences will step inside a magical white dome on the Royal Concert Hall stage for a choice of two shows. In Small Worlds, showing on August 9 and 10, you will meet five characters, a bug, a young goose, a fox cub, a cat and a little girl, and watch their wordless stories unfold. Doors are opened to reveal a fantastical world where a wooden set becomes a riverbank, a tiny fox plays in a pop-up meadow and a cat and a girl dream their stories.

In Landscapes, on Auggust 11 and 12, the sun rises over a buzzing desert. An eagle leaves its nest in search of food. Below, the meerkats are alert. Thus begins a journey taking children to four landscapes. From desert to rainforest; Ticket details for these shows are available from the box office at the Royal Concert Hall on 0115 9895555.