Tansley Film’s next screening

TANSLEY Film’s next offering, on Tuesday October 4, will be Oranges and Sunshine, the highly-acclaimed feature film debut of Jim Loach, the son of Ken Loach.

Oranges and Sunshine is based on the true story of a Nottingham social worker, Margaret Humphreys, who, in the 1980s, uncovered one of the biggest social scandals of recent times - that of forced child deportations from Britain to Australia during the period between the end of the Second World War and the early 1970s.

Emily Watson is brilliant in the role of Humphreys, skilfully playing the part of the indefatigable social worker determined to investigate the story behind the deportations. Lured by promises of “oranges and sunshine”, tens of thousands of working-class children were uprooted and shipped off to institutions in commonwealth countries, mainly Australia – some were wrongly told they were orphans, while some parents believed their children had been adopted. Some of the children were subjected to terrible abuse. Before Margaret Humphreys came along, no-one had bothered to investigate their stories.

Oranges and Sunshine, released in the UK in April this year, is is an eye-opening, powerful and heartbreaking drama. It was inspired by Humphrey’s book Empty Cradles, published in 1994.

Filming locations for Oranges and Sunshine included Australia, Nottingham and Wirksworth Railway Station in Derbyshire. The film carries a 15 certificate.

Tansley Film’s screening of the film will take place in Tansley Village Hall at 7.30pm. Refreshments are served from 7pm. Our doors are open to everyone – no membership is required. You can pay on the door - £4 per seat – or you can buy a special FreeChoice card for £15 which will entitle you to watch any five fims from the 2011/12 programme. The card can be shared with other family members. The venue offers comfortable seating, widescreen presentation and Dolby surround sound.

Films still to come are: True Grit (1st November), Bridesmaids (6th December), The Way Back (3rd January), Jane Eyre (7th February), War Horse (10th April), and The Iron Lady (1st May). An additional film, yet to be chosen, will be shown on 6th March.

For seat reservations or more information phone 01629 584243.