Tom Waits Night at Barley Mow

The Barley Mow at Bonsall is holding an open acoustic session on Friday, December 13, and then, on Saturday, December 14, there is an evening event that should be a treat for all Tom Waits fans.

The venue holds an annual celebration of the music of the cult American artist, on and around his birthday (Waits celebrated his 64th birthday earlier this week).

Landlord David Wragg is a massive Tom Waits fan and a number of performers will be present, who each do interpretations of his songs. Then the house band plays a great set, led by David.

Tom Waits’ songs are often a humorous look at the underbelly of life and as such David and partner Colette Dewhurst rig the pub out like a seedy downtown alley in New York.

Entry to the event is free and it’s one not to be missed by Tom Waits fans.