MuddiBrooke’s debut single will raise money for Royal British Legion

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Xmas Back Home (The War Has Begun) is the debut single by MuddiBrooke, who is an alternative country/rock artist based in Derby, writes Kev White.

This Christmas song breaks with tradition and is the story of a female soldier and mother told from her perspective.

MuddiBrooke explains: “Christmas is coming and she wants to be with her babies back home rather than fighting on the front line. Despite not being there with her children, she still wants them and the people around them to make it the best Christmas they’ve ever had.

“The song was inspired by John Lennon’s ‘War is Over!’ and also the true story (it was during the First World War that the first all women army (WAAC) was formed), ‘Christmas Truce’ when war was stopped briefly on the front line between British, German and French troops on Christmas Day and they played

football together and exchanged gifts in 1914. Although it is not just female troops that miss their children, we wanted to highlight the fact that it is not just men on the front lines anymore, to promote equality and give praise to the women and all their work.”

Listening to the song it is clear that it harks back Christmas hits from the 70s and 80s with its catchy melody and memorable chorus. MuddiBrooke has pledged that all the proceeds from sales of the single will be donated to the Royal British Legion.

The single is available from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Visit the website click here click herefor links to purchase the single.

Little is known about Mudibrooke, the identity of the artist is a closely guarded secret. Spread the hashtag #WhoIsMuddibrooke because this artist has a bright future.