Keep up with rising star Jones at Flowerpot

Laurence Jones
Laurence Jones

Martin Turner Plays The Music Of Wishbone Ash is the first musical act of the weekend at The Flowerpot in Derby on Friday, April 25.

Martin is the lead vocalist and creative force of the original Wishbone Ash.

Wishbone Ash was formed by West Country musicians Martin Turner and Steve Upton, who arrived in London in 1969 to embark on their musical journey. Intent on creating a musical sound that was rich in texture and melody, Martin Turner envisaged the band’s innovative harmony-guitar hallmark and guitarists Ted Turner and Andy Powell were recruited. The partnership of the original line-up of Wishbone Ash forged a unique musical identity that would produce some of rock music’s best loved works and influence numerous successful bands.

Over four decades later, the enduring music of the classic tracks of Wishbone Ash continues to delight audiences worldwide through both live performances and a rich legacy of recorded work enjoyed by fans old and new.

Then, on Saturday, April 26, you can see Rainbow Rising with their tribute to Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

Rainbow Rising were formed in 1996 by virtuoso guitarist Roy Chudobskyi. His aim was to not only recreate the unique Rainbow sound but to also capture the visual spectacle that was Rainbow live on stage. To achieve his goal he put together a group of musicians who, like himself, possessed not only immense musical talent, but also an almost fanatical interest in Rainbow.

The band perform live all the classic Rainbow tracks and more besides, drawing from the entire Rainbow back catalogue and featuring the material produced by every legendary line-up of the band. The sheer attention to detail given to the act of recreating the live Rainbow experience is evident in every aspect of the band’s performances. From guitar smashing, to stunning vocals, thunderous percussion and bass to dazzling keyboards and of course unmistakable Blackmore guitar work.

Finally, on Thursday, May 1, there’s a New Generation UK Blues Double Bill featuring The Laurence Jones Band and Federal Charm.

Laurence Jones is 22 years old and is already making a big name for himself as one of the young gunslingers of blues.

Federal Charm have been wowing audiences nationwide since their formation in the summer of 2011. Their unabashed style draws on 60s and 70s era blues

Doors open at 8pm. Admission is £13 for Martin Turner Plays The Music Of Wishbone Ash, £8 for Rainbow Rising and £10 for the Laurence Jones Band and Federal Charm.

Advance tickets are available from The Flowerpot and RAW Promotions, as well as at