Fred Zep hit the stage for city gig

Fred Zeppelin
Fred Zeppelin

Fred Zeppelin bring their tribute to the music of Led Zeppelin back to The Flowerpot in Derby on Friday, October 18.

According to one of Kerrang’s readers polls, Fred Zeppelin are among the top ten best live bands to see, which is quite an achievement, as they were the only tribute band listed in any category.

The four members of Fred Zeppelin are real fans, and formed ‘The Freds’ out of their admiration and love of Led Zeppelin’s music. As their name suggests the band do not take themselves too seriously, they know the praise belongs to Robert, Jimmy, John Paul Jones, and Bonzo.

Then, on Saturday, October 19, the visitors to the King Street venue are Rainbow Rising, with their tribute to the music of Rainbow.

Rainbow Rising were formed in 2001, to not only recreate the unique Rainbow sound but to also capture the visual spectacle that was Rainbow live on stage.

The band is made up of a group of musicians who possess not only musical talent, but also an almost fanatical interest in the phenomenon that was Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

They perform live all the classic Rainbow tracks and more besides.

Rock aces Wishbone Ash featuring Andy Powell, will be the guest performers at The Flowerpot on Tuesday, October 22.

Doors open for all the gigs at 8pm. Admission is £8 for Fred Zeppelin, £8 for Rainbow Rising, and £15 for Wishbone Ash, featuering Andy Powell.

Call 01332 834438 for more details.