DCO to play Elgar and Mahler at cathedral

Derby Concert Orchestra’s first performance of 2013 is to take place at Derby Cathedral on Saturday, March 16, starting at 7.30pm.

Conducted by Jonathan Trout, it features performances of three works.

First up will Elgar’s transcription and orchestration of Handel’s Overture In D Minor, a piece dating from Elgar’s later years, when he transcribed a number of works by his favourite composers.

Then, there will be Elgar’s popular song cycle Sea Pictures, first performed in 1899, just after he had made his breakthrough with the ‘Enigma’ Variations.

This work is made up of five diverse songs, all on a nautical theme, set to words by a number of writers, including his wife Alice.

The soloist in this work will be the soprano Heather Ireson, appearing by kind permission of the Royal Northern College of Music.

The main piece of the evening will be Mahler’s Sixth Symphony.

Written at a time of great happiness but full of deep foreboding, this is an epic, multi-layered work that continues DCO’s exploration of Mahler’s symphonic cycle.

Tickets are available from Foulds in Derby, on the door or from orchestra members.