Belper Players to give their own take on Ibsen’s classic tale

Belper Players are to perform Not Ibsen's Peer Gynt
Belper Players are to perform Not Ibsen's Peer Gynt

Belper Players are back with a new take on Henrik Ibsen’s classic dramatic poem, Peer Gynt.

Not Ibsen’s Peer Gynt is written and directed by local playwright Jeff Moule.

Jeff first collaborated with the Players in 2013 with Caging The Wild Birds, his loose adaptation of John Buchan’s spy thriller Mr Standfast.

He has left post Great War England behind for Henrik Ibsen’s Norwegian folk tale setting of mountains, fjords and trolls.

It’s a story that has been traditionally challenging to bring the stage, highlighted in Willy Russell’s Educating Rita when Rita’s answer is to ‘put it on the radio.’

In Belper Players’ fast moving ensemble piece, five actors play the lead character as he generally lies, cheats and cavorts his way through life, exploring his self-obsession in a play, which is in turns realistic, surreal and satirical.

Jeff Moule explained: “My version of the story is Not Ibsen’s Peer Gynt because it seeks to lift the female characters out of his shadow.

“Perhaps he is who he is because of the way the women in his life have treated and responded to him.

“Nurture as well as nature is at work here.”

He added: “It is the women who have the power to change things in my interpretation of this tale.“

It is also the audience who have the power to change things, as they have to choose between one of two endings – Ibsen’s original from 1867, and also Jeff Moule’s updated verson.

Not Ibsen’s Peer Gynt is to be performed at The Strutt Centre, Derby Road, Belper from November 11-14.

Evening performances start at 7.30pm with a Saturday matinee at 2pm.

Tickets cost £8 or £7 concessions (first night only) and are available from or alternatively by calling 07582 416610.