Derby Cathedral looking at extending range of foreign language guides

Derby Cathedral is to explore extending its range of foreign language guides as the number of overseas visitors to the City’s Cathedral increases.

Recent groups of Danish and German visitors posed an important question for Vistors’ Officer John Armitage: “All of this has got me thinking that we need a greater range of foreign language booklets available both for our organised parties and our casual visitors. I hope to be able to progress this in the near future. We cannot cater for everyone but we should at least take note of those regular entries in our visitors’ book of more recent times which reflect the change in population in Derby.”

John explains: “Over the past month we have entertained singers and musicians from Canada who came to give a wonderful concert followed by a tour of the Cathedral. There have been visitors from a Welsh historical group as well as the usual round of local organisations.”

He added: “The next month will see a party from our twin city in Germany, Osnabruck, and also a group of Danish exchange students coming to experience the Cathedral. The boundaries are pushing out.”