Burbage Art Group put their work on show

Carthorses by Rachel Slaney of Burbage Art Group
Carthorses by Rachel Slaney of Burbage Art Group

Burbage Art Group’s 2015 art exhibition, a highlight of the Buxton Fringe, will be featuring a bumper crop of works of every size and in every medium.

With one of its artists, Laura Critchlow, having had a painting exhibited by the Royal Society of Miniature Painters in London, there will be some beautifully detailed mini-works to enjoy as well as large-scale oils, watercolours and collages from other members of the group.

The subject matter will range from animal studies and Derbyshire landscapes to abstract designs and exotic views from as far afield as China!

The exhibition takes place on Saturday, July 18, from 11am to 3pm at the Burbage Institute. A free event, it has attracted a good deal of attention over the years with several of its artists, including Laura, receiving nominations for Fringe Awards.

Organiser Rachel Slaney said that the friendly group, whose current membership ranges from 20 to 80-plus years, has a mixed range of abilities and a supportive atmosphere. “We’ve had plenty of beginners and it’s great to see how they have improved and enjoyed themselves,” she commented.

Anyone wanting more details about the exhibition or classes should call Rachel on 01538 266220.