Author brings Derbyshire castle to life in latest sci-fi adventure novel


A local fanstasy writer was inspired by the ruins of Codnor Castle to write his latest novel.

Tobey Alexander’s book, entitled ‘Collapse’, mixes fact and fiction and brings an epic time-travel adventure to the ruins of the old castle.

The story sees the main character Michael Swann forced to embrace his ability to make leaps through time. Michael faces adversaries as he tries to understand how a series of murders relate to the secret underground laboratory where his journey began. 

Tobey said: “The castle was originally set to be a fleeting visit but became an iconic location throughout my next novel.

“My aim was to bring Codnor Castle to life in a new way.

“Having spent many hours there on bike rides when formulating ideas and coping with stresses outside of writing, my wife having just beaten breast cancer, Codnor Castle became a good escape for me on walks and rides.

“Sat there among the ruins I tried to picture how I could use it in my stories and decided to merge fact and fact, past and present in a unique way that I hope readers will enjoy.

“Codnor isn’t the only location the story travels to.

“Time-travel has given me the unique opportunity to intertwine my imagination with real-life places and events, which include the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 while also visiting the harrowing confines of Second World War concentration camps.

“My book Collapse promises to be an intriguing and somewhat different adventure that local readers can relate to and brings the idea of high-stakes adventure and Hollywood-esque thrills to somewhere other than big cities and well-known places.”

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