Quad lands £6k grant for project

QUAD in Derby has won £6,000 project funding through the NatWest Community Force for Q Club, Quad’s after-school club.

NatWest CommunityForce is a new initiative working with local communities to support people, projects and charities making a real difference. Q Club was one of three successful projects across the region out of the total of 395 winning projects nationally.

Q Club is an innovative after-school club for a group of children aged eight to 13, at least 50 per cent of whom are on the autistic spectrum. The idea behind the club not being completely for children with autism is to help with socialisation of these young people.

The Q Club project is part of Quad’s participation programme and the young people taking part are usually not accessing any other out-of-school activity. The young person gets to explore their ideas creatively, then show them off, while their parents also get a period of respite.

Feedback from parents is that Q Club has helped their child stay in school, or deal with the move from primary to secondary school. The participants come from around the city and attend different schools. Q Club has been inactive since March due to the ending of a previous funding source.

The £6,000 project funding will be used to run a new series of workshops to engage participants in creative work using traditional and digital production. The funding will also be used to consult the young people and their parents to ensure the club’s long-term future.

Rob Colbert, director of fundraising, said: “Quad was one of the winners of a Natwest Community Force Award thanks to the support of people in our home city. It’s a real achievement and a great example of people in Derby coming together to make sure that funding cuts don’t take opportunities away from our young people. We are hugely grateful to everyone for making it happen and giving an incredible Christmas present to the young people who take part in Q Club – and their families.”

The NatWest Community Force funding will ensure that Q Club can run until March. Quad has now launched an appeal for a further £5,000 to ensure the club can continue for a whole year. To donate directly to Q Club through the website, people can go to www.bmycharity.com/QUADCHRISTMASAPPEAL

For more information about QUAD’s appeal, please go to www.derbyquad.co.uk/about-quad/latest-news/pg54