Pair of exhibitions launched at Deda

Two exhibitions have been launched at Derby’s Déda venue.

Rhod Hepworth’s Imagery From Other Worlds exhibition consists of a series of striking images inspired by his own 3D animated story The Infinity Paradox. Portraying a realm where the laws of solids, liquids and gasses have no boundaries, he intends the various locations in his digital animations to be part of a grander story. However, in the absence of the story, each viewer can interpret their own vision and so a variety of still images have been chosen as curiosities in their own right.

Rhod’s work will be available to order during the exhibition period and he will donate 20 per cent of any profits to Parkinson’s UK.

On the same day, University of Derby’s Original Postcard Exhibition returns to Déda. This was established by the University of Derby Fine Art Programme seven years ago. The exhibition is made up of postcard-sized art works produced by invited artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, alongside the staff and students of the University of Derby’s Fine Art Programme.

Both exhibitions run until July 27. Entrance to the exhibitions is free at the Chapel Street venue.