Wi-fi boost for Royal Centre visitors

Free Wi-Fi is now available for all visitors to the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham.

Wednesday, 19th October 2016, 4:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 4:50 pm

With over half a million people visiting the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham each year to see and enjoy live stage performances, many thousands of conversations, posts, and stories take place via social media, related to their experiences.

In order to encourage more people to join the conversation, the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham now offers its customers access to a free Wi-Fi service when they are in the building.

Customers visiting both venues can access the free service on their smartphone or tablet by selecting ‘TRCH Public’ in their Wi-Fi settings. The connection is available in all public foyer areas of both venues and also in the Royal Concert Hall auditorium.

Jonathan Saville, director of sales, marketing and development said: “We know a large number of our customers want to share what a great time they are having in the immediacy of the moment. They like to share their thoughts about the performance at the end of the show with their friends and followers on social media.

“They can even communicate directly with the artists they are coming to see if they happen to be on Twitter! By offering our customers this free Wi-Fi service we hope to make it even easier for them to share their experiences and engage in conversations about the performances they come to see.”

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