Watch Alfreton Male Voice Choir in Songs for Easter video

Choir members have recorded a virtual Songs for Easter video by filming themselves at home and using sound and editing expertise within their ranks.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 5:30 am
Alfreton Male Voice Choir.

Alfreton Male Voice Choir have been producing songs virtually for some months during the pandemic.

This production of Songs for Easter includes All in the April Evening and How Great Thou Art.

All in the April Evening is a beautiful song using, springtime and sheep and lambs as a metaphor for Jesus going to the cross. How Great Thou Art originated in Sweden, and reflects God’s power with references to the stars, mountains and birds singing.

Choir chairman Mick Mullarkey said: “The choir realise Easter in 2021 is probably even more meaningful as vaccinations help us get through the Covid-19 pandemic. Easter is a time of rebirth salvation and renewal and we wanted to sing about it.”

The choir practise each week on Zoom with pianist Michael Anthony, playing live and recording accompaniments for members to record their part at home on an iPhone. The individual recordings are then emailed to choir music director Terry Clay for checking before delivery to treasurer Dave Smith who has learned how to use proprietory recording software to mix and produce the ‘virtual choir’. Choir secretary John Stamp then uses free software to create a video for release on social media and YouTube.

Chairman Mick said: “Our great passion is not only to sing but also to use our singing to entertain. So, we really have missed doing concerts and performances. Instead, we hope we can entertain people through our

recordings like ‘Songs for Easter’.