Top quality

ON a record-breaking night, the standard was set in Division B by Phil Henshaw who won 5-0 with a record high for the league of 31.70 average.

This was eclipsed an hour later by Terry Birch whose 100-plus average in games of 16, 16, 14, 15 and 14 darts was top quality and which would have graced anything seen on tv.

The big game of the night also produced fireworks as title contenders Wayne Pepper and Daz Brown went head to head. This game would also have graced any tv tournament with Pep winning the bull up and taking the first leg in 12 darts with a 144 finish.

Brown responded in 15 darts with a 100 finish only for Pepper to take the third in 14 darts. Again Brown responded to square it at 2-2 in 16 darts but league leader Pepper hit a fantastic 168 to leave 16 and finish it in one dart with Brown ready to pounce on 84.

Fixtures for week 22

Division A

Aden Kirk v Daz Sullivan

Dave Allcock v Tony Palfreyman

James Hartle v John Selby

Daz Sinfield v Rob Staley

Terry Birch v Gordy Toft

Wayne Pepper v Tristan Dominic

Reece Spurr v Daz Brown

Paul Baker v Ash Fisher

Paul Lounds v Ashley Spencer

Aron Gregory v Mark Croson

Neil Beresford v Lee Rigley

Brian Kirk v Martin Cutbush

Division B

John Upton v Daz Allsopp

Joe Draper v Paul Croson

Scott McGuinn v Phil Henshaw

Martin Lomas v Ian Byard

Rob Lamb v Tracey Johnson

Matt Padgett v Dave Fritchley

Daz Hadfield v Joanne Oldershaw

Rick Gray v Ant Parry

Andy Selby v Rich Hassall

Ian Richardson v Craig Atter

Andy Miles v Kev Wragg

Duncan Hardie v Paul Brown

Results for week 20

Division A

Wayne Pepper 4, Mark Croson 1

Daz Sullivan 4, Gordy Toft 1

Paul Baker 4, Martin Cutbush 1

Reece Spurr 4, James Hartle 1

Paul Lounds 3, Lee Rigley 2

Terry Birch 5, Ashley Spencer 0

Daz Sullivan 5, John Selby 0

Brian Kirk 4, Neil Beresford 1

Aden Kirk 3, Gordy Toft 2

Dave Allcock 4, Tristan Dominic 1

Rob Staley 3, Tony Palfreyman 2

Wayne Pepper 3, Daz Brown 2

Daz Sullivan 3, Daz Sinfield 2


Wayne Pepper (x3), Daz Sullivan (x2), Aden Kirk (x2), Tony Palfreyman

Highest finish

144 by Wayne Pepper; 106 by Daz Sullivan; 100 by Daz Brown

Best Legs

12 darts by Wayne Pepper (equals season’s best)

14 darts by Terry Birch (x2), Wayne Pepper, Gordy Toft

15 darts by Daz Sullivan, Daz Brown, Terry Birch

16 darts by Terry Birch (x2), Dave Allcock, Wayne Pepper, Daz Brown

17 darts by Daz Sinfield, Reece Spurr

18 darts by Brian Kirk, Rob Staley, Daz Sullivan (x2) and Dave Allcock

19 darts by Paul Baker, Wayne Pepper

Highest averages

33.40 by Terry Birch (season’s best and highest ever league average); 32.87 by Wayne Pepper; 29.40 by Daz Brown; 26.79 by Ashley Spencer; 26.56 by Daz Sullivan; 25.23 by Daz Sinfield.

Division B

Dunc Hardie 4, Paul Brown 1

Jo Upton 3, Daz Allsopp 2

Andy Selby 3, Ian Richardson 2

Matt Padgett 4, Craig Atter 1

Ian Byard 3, Joe Draper 2

Daz Hadfield 1, Rick Gray 4

Matt Padgett 4, Dave Fritchley 1

Phil Henshaw 5, Paul Croson 0

Rob Lamb 4, Jo Oldershaw 1

Dunc Hardie 2, Tracey Johnson 3


Phil Henshaw (x2), Matt Padgett (x3) and Dave Fritchley (x3)

Highest finish

124 by Ian Richardson

Best legs

12 darts by Ian Richardson

13 darts by Craig Atter, Phil Henshaw

15 darts by Rick Gray, Matt Padgett (x2)