Stars put out by Black Bull

UNFORTUNATELY The Generous Briton pub has closed and the club have not been in contact so it is assumed they have folded.

If this is the case then all records from matches including the pub will be expunged.

In the Knockout Cup, the Black Bulls Head had the best result, knocking out Premier League side Seven Stars, but then the following night they struggled in just beating lowly Eagle Tavern 4-3.

In division one it looks like a Railway one-two as both the Ripley and Selston pubs had maximum points victories in potentially tricky games.

In division two, the Devonshire from Somercotes had one of their best ever games in upsetting the Alfreton Town SSC and the Blue Bell from South Wingfield continued their great start to the season in beating the Moulders.

Week Eight fixtures

Premier Division: Heanor Town FC v Out of Town; Staff of Life v Strutt Club (Belper); Coronation Club A v Station (Westhouses); Seven Stars Riddings v Carnfield Club; The Kestrel v Miners arms; Gate Inn (Loscoe) v Heanor MW; Free date: Somercotes Snooker Club.

Division One: Eclipse Loscoe v Victoria; Railway Ripley v Sunnyside Club; The Wreck v George Ripley; Westhouses Social Club v Jacksdale Social Club; Red Lion Fritchley v Red Lion Riddings; Greyhound Pinxton v Railway Selston; Boot and Slipper v Coronation Club B.

Division Two: Alfreton Town SSC v Beehive; Black Bulls Head v Jessop Arms; Jug and Glass v Devonshire; Codnor Park & Ironville SC v eagle Tavern; Travellers Rest v Moulders Arms; Spanker v Blue Bell South Wingfield; Free dates: Sir Barnes Wallis and Hawthorns.

Week Six results

Ace Entertainment Solutions

Knockout Cup

Carnfield Club 4, Miners Arms 0; Eclipse 2, Alfreton Town SSC 4; Heanor MW 4, Eagle Tavern 0; Red Lion Fritchley 0, Strutt Club 0; Hawthorns 0, Staff of Life 4; Jessop Arms 0, Out of Town 4; Black Bulls Head 4, Seven Stars 2; Beehive 0, Coronation Club A 4; Greyhound Pinxton 4, Railway Selston 3; Heanor Town FC 4, Sir Barnes Wallis 0; Kestrel 4, Railway Ripley 0; Jacksdale Social Club 4, Victoria 0.

Premier Division: Kestrel 0 (168), Out of Town 7 (181); Somercotes Snooker Club 0 (159), Strutt Club 7 (202); Heanor Town FC 3, (183), Station (Westhouses) 4 (181); Staff of Life 7 (211), Carnfield Club 0 (179); Seven Stars (Riddings) 4 (199, Coronation Club A 3 (207); Heanor MW 2 (175), Miners Arms 5 (183).

Division One: Greyhound Pinxton 0 (133), Victoria 7 (154); Eclipse Loscoe 5 (173), George Ripley 2 (172); Railway Ripley 7 (183), Jacksdale Social Club 0 (110); Westhouses Social Club 0 (128), The Wreck 7 (162); Boot and Slipper 7 (163), Red Lion Riddings 0 (95); Coronation Club B 0 (164), Railway Selston 7 (181).

Division Two: Travellers Rest 0 (146), Beehive 7 (199); Hawthorns 7 (131), Jessop Arms 0 (80); Alfreton Town SSC 2 (144), Devonshire 5 (158); Black Bulls Head 4 (168), Eagle Tavern 3 (171); Sir Barnes Wallis 0 (100), Codnor Park & Ironville SC 7 (142); Blue Bell South Wingfield 5 (177), Moulders Arms 2 (168).

Top scores

Best in 9 balls

30 inc 14 by C Fletcher (Alfreton Town SSC)

30 inc 13 by K Stapleton (Coronation Club A)

29 inc 14 by P Topliss (Staff of Life)

29 inc 13 by G Stanley (Blue Bell)

28 inc 15 by M Dawes (Moulders Arms)

28 inc 12 by M Fairbrother (Railway)

27 inc 13 by J Jones (Travellers Rest)

27 inc 13 by D Brentnall (Railway)

Best in 3 balls

14 by S Brown (Kestrel)

13 by B Johnson (Carnfield Club)

13 by B Hebb (Heanor Town FC)

12 by J Hardy (Eclipse)

12 by G Fisher (Black Bulls Head)

11 by T Harris (Eagle Tavern)