Season’s best

THE Coronation Club A Team from Heanor scored a Season record number of pins in this week’s match against the Station.

They scored 226 pins including 85 in one leg alone. This was helped by D Capewell’s individual score of 34 pins which is the second highest individual score this season.

The Strutt Club from Belper just failed to beat the current League Leaders, Staff of Life which keeps the Premier Division open with only five weeks of the season left.

The Seven Stars at Riddings look now to be falling away after a fantastic first half of the season whereas the Out of Town are coming with a late run and may yet have a chance of finishing in the top two.

In Division One, second spot is certainly up for grabs with 13 points between 6 clubs. However the Selston Miners seem to have wrapped up the League Title unless they fall apart in the run in.

The Black Bulls Head from Openwoodgate achieved the 100 points mark this week and barring a dramatic fall in performance, they should now take the Division Two title.

This was despite almost losing, this week to the inconsistent Ripley Beehive.

It is also getting tight at the bottom of the table as both the Eagle Tavern and the Jug and Glass try and pull away from the foot.

Fixtures for September 6

Premier Division

Out of Town v Coronation Club A

Strutt Club (Belper) v Carnfield Club

Miners Arms v Heanor Town FC

Heanor MW v Somercotes SC

Gate Inn (Los) v The Kestrel

Station (Westhouses) v

Seven Stars Riddings

Division One

Victoria v The Wreck

Sunnyside Club v Jacksdale Social Cl

Red Lion Riddings v Railway Ripley

Railway Selston v Eclipse Loscoe

Coronation Club B v

Red Lion Fritchley

Boot and Slipper v Greyhound Pinxton

George Ripley v Westhouses Soc Club

Division Two

Codnor Park & Ironv. SC v Beehive

Eagle Tavern v Devonshire

Jug and Glass v Blue Bell (S Wingf)

Black Bulls Head v Spanker

Alfreton Town SSC v Travellers Rest

Hawthorns v Moulders Arms

Results for August 23

Premier Division

Out of Town 5 (203), Heanor Town FC 2 (177); Strutt Club 3 (186), Staff of Life 4 (184); Statin (Westhouses) 0 (188), Coronation Club A 7 (226); Carnfield Club 7 (194), Seven Stars Riddings 0 (170); Miners Arms 5 (195), The Kestrel 2 (185); Heanor MW 2 (177), Gate Inn (Loscoe) 5 (181).

Division One

Sunnyside Club 5 (150), Railway Ripley 2 (139); George Ripley 7 (149), The Wreck 0 (118); Jacksdale Social Club 7 (153), Westhouses Social Club 0 (140); Red Lion Riddings 7 (189), Greyhound Pinxton 2 (130); Coronation Club B 3 (178), Boot and Slipper 4 (177).

Division Two

Black Bulls Head 4 (172), Beehive 3 (175); Jug and Glass 5 (174), Jessop Arms 2 (140); Codnor Park & Ironville SC 7 (171), Devonshire 0 (126); Alfreton Town SSC 5 (171), Blue Bell (South Wingfield) 2 (139); Hawthorns 5 (123), Spanker 2 (102); Moulders Arms 2 (152), Travellers Rest 5 (156).

Top scores

34 inc 17 by D Capewell

(Coronation A)

28 inc 15 by D Carter (Out of Town)

27 inc 15 by D O’Neill (Codnor Park)

27 inc 11 by A Kirkman (Coronation A)

26 inc 13 by L Kew (Coronation A)

14 by W Goodall (Red Lion Ridds)

13 by J McNeill (Station)

12 by S Hardy (Red Lion, Fritchley)

11 by T Travis (Red Lion, Fritchley)

11 by M Soar (Moulders Arms)

11 by K Hardy (Station)

11 by J Edson (Devonshire)