Young martial artists grade for new belts

Paragon Heanor/Langley Mill
Paragon Heanor/Langley Mill

Martial arts students were rewarded for their hard work in training at a grading session at Paragon Heanor-Langley Mill.

Their instructor, Johnny Parry, was delighted with their efforts on Saturday, particularly those new to the grading system.

He said: “They all worked really hard.”

“Seeing how much the higher belts have progressed is a great feeling and watching the new students going for their first belts is amazing to see.”

A few of the club’s juniors couldn’t make their gradings but they will be taking their belts at the next possible opportunity.

Parry added: “Of course earning your belt is a great achievement but it’s the discipline applied to the training that will give you the biggest reward for now and in the future.”

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