Testing time at Lindop

LAST Sunday saw a welcome return to Lindop Woodlands on the Chatsworth and Haddon estates.

On a glorious sunny day, 300 runners turned up to test their skills on this rarely used area.

Lindop overlooks the confluence of the Rivers Derwent and Wye and comprises a mixture of woodland types. The orienteer was provided with some very physical steep terrain, which fully tested the fitness of the runner whilst the technicality of the area tested their navigational skills.

The only local first place went to Rachel Duckworth on the junior yellow course.

Father, John, was unlucky on the top brown course, being beaten into second place by teenager Aidan Smith of South Yorkshire.

Full results are available on the club website www.dvo.org.uk

The next major event in Derbyshire will be on Sunday April 15, 2012, on Riber Hillside between Lea and Cromford.

Selected local results

Junior Courses

White - 7 Monika Dent; 8 Alexa Lindsay; 14 Euan Blair; 15 William Thompson; 20 Ivan Smith; 21 Ailith Smith.

Yellow - 1 Rachel Duckworth; 6 Euan Blair; 7 Ewan Jones; 8 James Bedwell; 12 Lucy Bourne.

Intermediate Courses

Orange - 3 Karen Peach; 7 Sarah Duckworth; 10 Ed Hoon; 11 Will Hoon; 12 Elizabeth Bedwell.

Light Green 3 Jethro McGraw; 4 Miles Plaskett; 6 Louis Forshaw-Perring; 9 Lorraine Jackson; 10 Alison Hayes; 11 Mark Jones.

Senior Courses

Short Green - 3 Helen Finlayson; 5 Robert Shooter; 6= John Brown; 8 Jean Hall; 10 Christine Middleton; 12 Tony Berwick; 13 Kirsten Williams.

Green - 7 Ann-Marie Duckworth; 8 Doug Dickinson; 10 Ian Whitehead; 12 Mike Gardner; 19 Rory Sellar; 24 Chris O’Donnell; 25 Dave Skidmore; 27 Chris Watts; 30 Ranald Macdonald; 35 Ann Armistead; 36 Paul Weller; 38 Martin Farr; 41 Pauline Ward.

Blue - 3 Andy Sykes; 9 Dai Bedwell; 13 Mike Smith; 24 Fiona Sellar; 27 Murray White; 29 Stephen Kimberley; 32 Liz Godfree.

Brown - 2 John Duckworth; 14 Ben Crane; 17 Mark Spendlove; 18 David Bennett; 22 Graham Johnson.