‘Superfoot’ pays visit to kickboxers

Tom Wallace at Amber Valley Kickboxing PKA
Tom Wallace at Amber Valley Kickboxing PKA

Instructors from the Heanor and Belper Professional Kickboxing Association (PKA) clubs teamed up with local sister clubs to hold a seminar that featured a visit by Martial Arts Hall of Famer and Kickboxing Legend Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace.

Known as Superfoot due to the phenomenal speed of his left leg (once clocked at 60mph), Bill defended his world title a total of 23 times in the 1970s and 1980s and eventually retired undefeated.

He has also starred in movies with Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan and was instrumental in developing what was then full contact karate and is now sport kickboxing.

The seminar was sold out with 40 students in attendance, Bill demonstrated his ‘Superfoot System’ for kicking and helped attendees improve speed and flexibility.

Coach Neil Fletcher of the Heanor club commented: “It was an honour to have someone as well-known in the Martial Arts world as Bill come to our club and hold this seminar.

“He was both friendly and approachable and his enthusiasm and positivity was infectious. Everyone really enjoyed meeting him and will have undoubtedly picked up lots of new skills to try in our classes.”

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