Super Shane roars for Lion

THE top performance of the week came from Shane Shipman of the Red Lion who scored 31 pins, which is the top 9 ball score of the season in the League so far.

Shanes score helped his side maintain their position at the top of Division One at the expense of the Station.

The Boot and Slipper came away with a win at the Kestrel who were on a high themselves after knocking Premiership sides the Seven Stars and the Coronation Club A out of Cups in the last fortnight.

Division Two saw New Inn finally drop a leg at the Spanker and the Codnor Park Club won for the first time this season. Their team total of 191 pins is the highest in Division Two this season.

In the Premier League, early pacesetters Loscoe Gate came unstuck at the Staff of Life in a fantastic game. After a first leg where both sides scored exactly 80, the home side took control and won the remaining two legs. The result gave the opportunity to the Out of Town to shoot to the top of the table, which they seized with a fine 6-1 win at the Coronation Club A. Meanwhile the Seven Stars scored 200 pins but came away from the Railway with a defeat.

Fixtures for Tuesday, May 15

Premier Division

Heanor MW Miners Arms v Codnor

Coronation Club A Gate v Loscoe

Seven Stars v Heanor Town FC

Railway Selston v Out Of Town

Staff of Life v Coronation Club B

Carnfield Club v Strutt Club

Division One

Red Lion Riddings v Boot & Slipper

The Wreck v Victoria

George Ripley Station Westhouses

Black Bulls Head Jacksdale Social Club

Sir Barnes Wallis Hawthornes

Kestrel Eclipse

Division Two

Spanker v Beehive

Travellers Rest v Eagle Tavern

Moulders Arms v New Inn Heanor

Codnor Park & Ironville SC v Jug & Glass, Lea

Devonshire v Kings Arms Crich

Westhouses Social Club No game


Premier Division

158 Carnfield Club 2 v 5 Miners Arms Codnor 181

223 Staff of Life 6 v 1 Gate Loscoe 204

Heanor MW v Heanor Town FC , late result

195 Coronation Club A 1 v 6 Out Of Town 208

175 Strutt Club 3 v 4 Coronation Club B 178

203 Railway Selston 4 v 3 Seven Stars 200

Division One

164 Kestrel 2 v 5 Boot & Slipper 167

165 Sir Barnes Wallis 7 v 0 Victoria 138

218 Red Lion Riddings 7 v 0 Station Westhouses 173

175 The Wreck 5 v 2 Jacksdale Social Club 164

191 Eclipse 5 v 2 Hawthornes 181

188 Black Bulls Head 7 v 0 George Ripley 153

Division Two

120 Devonshire 0 v 7 Beehive 156

157 Westhouses Social Club 2 v 5 Eagle Tavern 164

133 Spanker 2 v 5 New Inn Heanor 164

188 Travellers Rest 7 v 0 Jug & Glass, Lea 143

191 Codnor Park & Ironville SC 6 v 1 Moulders Arms 154

Knockout Cup Preliminary Round

Station Westhouses 4, Spanker 0; Kestrel 4, Coronation Club A 0; Eagle Tavern 0, Eclipse 4;

Sunday Cup Round One

Beehive 0 v 4 Gate Loscoe

Kestrel 4 v 2 Seven Stars

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