Steven rises to Enduroman 100-mile challenge

Heage man Steven Saunders has completed a 100-mile run at the first attempt.

The 62-year-old joined the line-up for the Enduroman 100-mile Ultra, as well as a 50-mile Enduroman, which took place at Avon Tyrrell Country Park on the edge of the New Forest, near Bransgore in Dorset.

The race was run on a 1.10 course taking 91 laps with six hills and three gradients in each lap.

Steven explained: “Starting at 2pm, the course took you along some off-road tracks, some with hard packed stone then around a lake through and some woods, which were much more leg friendly.

“After 9 miles my left leg was solid and at 20 miles both legs had gone. I put this down to a steep uneven downhill track full of potholes and having to brake with your legs, so as to not fall over.

“I carried on through the night, reaching 70 miles in 16hr 37 mins but by this time my legs had had it. I then ran and walked to the finish as the heat and humidity had got to me and I had a permanent lean to the left.

“Failure was never an option, even if I had to crawl on my hands and knees - and I nearly did.

“Crossing the line in a time of 27hr 40 mins in fifth position was just an unbelievable experience and I am already thinking about next year to get my time down.”

Steven who is a member of Sutton in Ashfield Harriers Running Club, ran round Anglesey last year, a distance of 135 miles over three days, and regularly takes part in long distance runs.