Rod average holds steady at fishery

The rod average for this week at Carsington Fishery has stayed just above 3.

It has been quite a difficult few days for anglers although the venue has had some great comments of how good the fishing is for this time of year, plus quality conditions and quality fish.

The rod average for this week was 3.16 with 269 fish being successfully caught by 85 anglers.

The heaviest rainbow this week was 4lbs caught by Mr D Allen on a blob near the north end.

The heaviest brown caught was 3lbs caught by Mr J Pawliw on a diawl bach.

The most successful areas have been Sheepwash, Brown ale bay, North end, back of the islands.

Please note that there is early closing on Saturday, July 12.

Therefore all boats must be back to the jetty just before 7pm.

The most successful patterns were hares ears, damsel nymph, black buzzers, diawl bachs, orange blob, black fritz, cats whisker, lead bugs and black hoppers

Most fish have been caught on floating, intermediate lines and sinking lines depending on the areas and weather conditions. We have seen some decent evening conditions with fish rising to the surface but also fish have been caught in deeper water towards the center of the reservoir. Some people have been successful on dry patterns.