Ripley runner at Olympic stadium

LAST Saturday, Ripley Running Club saw their own bit of Olympic glory.

Dean Taylor ran alongside 5,000 members of the public who were chosen randomly from a ballot of 43,000 hopefuls.

Dean was one of the lucky ones who took part in a five-mile race around the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London.

He ran past key areas including the Velodrome and the basketball arena.

Princess Beatrice started the race and also ran it with other celebrities including Mel C (Sporty Spice) and Nell McAndrew who was first lady back.

Dean ran in his Ripley green and gold and was back in an amazing time of 28 minutes 11 seconds and 21st place overall.

On the same day, ten Ripley runners attended the Coniston 14-mile race.

This was set around the picturesque setting of Coniston lake.

First back for Ripley was Matt Jones in a very respectable time of 1 hour 31 minutes. Next back was Mark Tomlinson in time of 1 hour 40 mins the rest of Ripley times are as follows.

T.Jaques (1hr 44), Karl Tietz (1hr 45), P Woodman (1 hr 46), C Hopkinson (1 hr 47), A Cooke(1hr 51.03), C Cresswell (1 hr 51.53pb), A Bradley (2 hr 10 pb), V Leach(2hr 20).

Ripley runners galore at Derby 10k

On Sunday, 26 Ripley RC runers attended the Derby 10k which began at Pride Park and finished inside the football stadium with thousands cheering on the competitors at the finish line.

There were well over 3000 runners and first back for Ripley was Dale Annable he came back in an amazing time 32 minutes and 49 secs in sixth position and a pb.

Next back was Matt Bickerstaff, the club’s youngest runner who gets better in every race, he came back in 25th place in personal best time of 35 mins 12 secs.

The rest of Ripley times were as follows L Beresford (38.31 pb), I. Duffin (38.32 pb), S Broughton (39.11pb), M Beresford (40.46),M Smith (41.24), S English (42.00), R Smith (43.35), A Davies (43.44), P Brudenell (44.08pb), S Arkwright (44.18), L Palfreyman, (44.29pb), J Marriot(44.40), D Hitchcock (45.12),E Broughton(45.15 pb), D Crowder (46.29), J Burton (47.22), N Kemp (47.53), F Baker (51.06), R Smith (53.45), A Franco (55.27 pb), J Franco (56.22pb), H Bailey (57.51), L Walton (1hr 1 min pb)

Ripley Running Club meet every Tuesday Evening at 6.45pm at the leisure centre. Runners of all abilities are most welcome!