Ripley RASCALS lifesaving swimmers mix it with best in Europe

LIFESAVERS -- the victorious Ripley RASCALS team.
LIFESAVERS -- the victorious Ripley RASCALS team.

The lifesaving, swimming and rescue skills of the Ripley RASCALS club were on show for the whole of Europe to admire in a prestigious event.

For a RASCALS team was one of 49 taking part in the European Lifesaving Championships held at Swansea International Pool and Aberavon beach in Wales.

Jess Lockwood, Jennie Lockwood, Millie Hammond, Susannah Allsop, Frazer Crump, Sam Wesson, Anthony Mason and George Spendlove made up the team.

In the pool, they achieved an outstanding sixth in the simulated emergency response competition and finished a superb 21st overall after Crump and Spendlove had taken the bronze medal in the line-throw rescue event.

On the beach and in the sea, the RASCALS team were involved in rescue-based races, and competed with determination against some coastal-based clubs to be ranked 28th overall.

A club spokesman said: “It was a fantastic experience for us. Huge thanks go to team managers Jeremy Johnsoin and Dan Woodthorpe for providing support and encouragement.”

The Ripley team will now prepare for the national championships at the London Aquatic Centre next spring, followed by the world championships in Holland.