Ollie gets his skates on to win at UK championships

Ollie Hickingbotham
Ollie Hickingbotham

A Denby Free School pupil has won the Inline Speedskating 200m time trial at the recent British Championships.

Ollie Hickinbotham, 10, only took up speed skating around two years ago.

Attending a public session at Rollerworld in Derby, East Midland Racing had turned up to there after the public session finished and head coach Dan Ibbotson, who skates for Team GB and is a multiple British champion, was impressed enough to invite Ollie to some of the team’s training sessions as he thought the then eight-year-old had potential in the sport.

Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, entering the various club races held around the country and enjoyed quite a lot of success, being on the podium in every race he has entered.

After finishing second at the indoor championships, he competed at this year’s outdoor championships, held at Tatem Park, Enfield. Ollie raced in the 1km and finished in third place, then on the Sunday he raced in the 500m and again finished in third place.

During the 200m time trials, Ollie achieved a time of 26.957, the only competitor to break the 27-second mark, in doing so winning gold and becoming the new British time trial champion.

Ollie currently races in the ‘mini boys’ group, which is for those aged ten and under, and will also be travelling to Belgium in August to compete in one of the major European races of the skating calendar, where skaters from all across Europe and as far afield as Colombia will be competing.

Dad Andrew said: “Ollie has about 10-12 races a year and we’re all really happy with how he has been doing.

He was pleased as punch to win gold at Tatem Park but he was nice and relaxed about it too,”