More gradings success for Paragon youngsters

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Saturday saw another grading for Marlpool and Langley mill Paragon Ninjas.

The 3-6 year olds took their gradings at Paragon Ilkeston under Selina Dorn along side other Paragon ninjas.

The youngsters’ instructor Johnny Parry said: “I had new kids going for belts as well as some ninjas that have been with me nearly a year.

“It’s great to see them so focused and trying their best! “I’m always dead proud of any of my students but seeing 3-6 year olds doing their stances, guard, kicks and punches correctly is amazing!

“Seeing them at their next class showing off their new belts is always good to see, well done to all of them!”

For information on any of the classes at Marlpool, Langley Mill, Ilkeston or Beeston, contact Paragon on 0115 9300090.