Ladies win BDL race

LAST Sunday, Ripley Running Club Ladies’ Cross Country team stormed to victory at Bramcote Park, Nottingham, and in doing so, finished in second place overall in the Booth Decorators League.

On the four-mile, and very very undulating course, Lucy Holmes’s first place surely is deserving of special mention and is her just reward for all the serious training she has been putting in.

Susan Varley and Vicky Leach also put in some brilliant performances racing in the Ripley colours for the first time.

With Paul Clarke resting due to illness, it was Matt Jones, Mick Wareham and Dean Tayor who led the men’s team home.

With Mark Tomlinson and Luke Freeman scrapping out for fourth and fifth position.

The Ripley men’s team were sixth thereby securing fifth place in the league over all and due to the ladies excellent running we were third combined on the day, finishing fourth overall.

Ripley Running Club continue to go from strength to strength due to the number of new members currently joining.

Press officer Gavin Elliott said: “We are having new members join us nearly every week”.

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Bramcote results

Matt Jones, 11th, 26.29

Mick Wareham, 22nd, 27.46

Dean Taylor, 29th, 28.32

Lucy Holmes, 33/1, 28.45

Luke Freeman, 35, 29.07

Mark Tomlinson, 37, 29.10

Mark Walker, 40, 29.25

Richard Phillis, 58, 31.14

Karl Tietz, 59, 31.17

Gary Beardsley, 61, 31.25

Gavin Elliott, 72, 32.25

Jerry Bateman, 76, 32.45

Caroline Moss, 78/5, 33.00

Dennis Holmes, 87, 33.33

Paula Brudenell,

89/9, 33.46

Carl Hopkinson, 101, 35.05

Cathy Cresswell,

109/16, 36.19

Jay Bird, 118, 37.50

Susan Varley, 121/24, 38.15

Vicky Leach, 128/30, 39.43