Gate rack up 230 pins

THE highest Team score of the season was achieved, this week, at The Gate by the home side who scored a massive 230 pins without having a single stick-up.

Strong performances by the Strutt Club, The Out of Town and the Coronation Club A saw them all rise up the table.

In Division One, the Red Lion continue to excel and have opened up a four-point gap already.

However, the Station found form at last to record a sound 7-0 win against Sir Barnes Wallis.

Top of the tree in Division Two is the New Inn who have not lost a single leg so far this season.

Travellers Rest are sitting in second after scoring the week’s highest team score in that division.

Meanwhile the Devonshire are still pointless at the foot of the table but are doubtless to pick up points soon.

Week three results

Premier Division

Miners Arms Codnor 0, Strutt Club 7; Gate Loscoe 7 (230), Carnfield Club 0 (192); Heanor Town FC 2 (183), Staff of Life 5 (189); Out of Town 7 (212), Heanor MW 0 (178); Seven Stars 0 (188), Coronation Club A 7 (209); Coronation Club B 5 (188), Railway Selston 2 (179).

Division One

Boot & Slipper 7 (173), Eclipse 0 (150); Victoria 2 (142), Kestrel 5 (154); Station Westhouses 7 (195), Sir Barnes Wallis 0 (165); Jacksdale Social Club 0 (147), Red Lion Riddings 7 (197); George Ripley 0 (131), The Wreck 7 (156); Hawthorns 4 (143), Black Bulls Head 3 (140).

Division Two

Beehive 6 (170), Kings Arms Crich 1 (154); Eagle Tavern 7 (170), Devonshire 0 (123); New inn Heanor 7 (171), Westhouses Social Club 0 (131); Jug & Glass 5 (140), Spanker 2 (137); Moulders Arms 0 (149), Travellers Rest 7 (186).

Top scores for this week

29 inc 13 by D Capewell (Coronation Club A)

28 inc 12 by D Wilcoxson (Out of Town)

26 inc 13 by P Coxhead (Red Lion)

3 ball stick-ups

13 by R Scales (Spanker)

12 by L Briddon (Moulders Arms)

11 by L Thornhill (Coronation Club A)

11 by D Brentnall (Sir Banres Wallis)

11 by B Johnson (Carnfield Club)

11 by A Dady (Railway Selston)

10 by G Woodhouse (Seven Stars)

Fixtures for Tuesday, May 8

Premier Division - Miners Arms Codnor v Staff of Life; Gate Loscoe v Heanor MW; Heanor Town FC v Coronation Club A; Out of Town v Seven Stars; Coronation Club B v Carnfield Club; Strutt Club v Railway Selston.

Division One - Boot & Slipper v Sir Barnes Wallis; Victoria v Red Lion Riddings; Station WEsthouses v The Wreck; Jacksdale Social Club v George Ripley; Hawthorns v Kestrel; Eclipse v Black Bulls Head.

Division Two - Beehive v Westhouses Social Club; Eagle Tavern v Spanker; New Inn Heanor v Travellers Rest; Jug & Glass Lea v Moulders Arms; Kings Arms Crich v Codnor Park & Ironville SC; No game: Devonshire.