Constitution of divisions

THE two divisions for the summer league have been drawn and announced.

Divisions A and B will be paid out the same, but there will be a new premier league for the top 12 players in each division playing in the newly-formed premier and the bottom 12 in each division will then play in a newly-created division one.

Any new players will start in the bottom division with a promotion and relegation battle.

Division A

Darron Brown

Darren Sullivan

Mark Croson

Rob Staley

Aden Kirk

Paul Lounds

Reece Spurr

Gordon Toft

Terry Birch

Tristan Domonic

Lee Rigley

Neil Beresford

Brian Kirk

Wayne Pepper

Tony Palfreyman

Stuart Barrowcliffe

Aron Gregory

Dave Allcock

John Selby

Darran Sinfield

Ashley Fisher

Martin Cutbush

James Hartle

Paul Baker

Division B

Andy Selby

Tracey Johnson

Duncan Hardie

Rich Hassall

Daz Allsopp

Ian Byard

John Upton

Ant Parry

Joanne Oldershaw

Daz Hadfield

Rick Gray

Phil Henshaw

Martin Lomas

Chris Handley

Paul Brown

Joe Draper

Scott McGuinn

David Fritchley

Matt Padgett

Paul Croson

Andy Miles

Ian Richardson

Fixtures for week one,

Wednesday, April 6

Division A

Daz Sullivan v James Hartle

Dave Allcock v Rob Staley

Aden Kirk v Terry Birch

Wayne Pepper v Tony Palfreyman

John Selby v Reece Spurr

Daz Sinfield v Paul Baker

Gordy Toft v Paul Lounds

Tristan Dominic v Aron Gregory

Daz Brown v Neil Beresford

Ash Fisher v Brian Kirk

Stuart Barrowcliffe v

Martin Cutbush

Mark Croson v Lee Rigley

Division B

Daz Allsopp v Scott McGuinn

Paul Lounds v Rob Lamb

Joe Draper v David Fritchley

Phil Henshaw v Daz Hadfield

Ian Byard v Rick Gray

Tracey Johnson v Andy Selby

Matt Padgett v Ian Richardson

Joanne Oldershaw v Andy Miles

Ant Parry v Duncan Hardie

Rich Hassall v Paul Brown

Chris Handley v Kev Wragg