Club’s fundraising plan is making a real splash

Heanor Swimming Club members.
Heanor Swimming Club members.

heanor Swimming Club is celebrating the first fruits of an important new partnership agreement.

The presentation of cheques to the club has been carried out by the Star Foundation, which supports funding by local sports and community groups via a recycling exercise.

That partnership came out of a seminar in November organised by Amber Valley Sport, which considered many aspects of running and funding sporting group activities.

At that time, HSC had just completed a major exercise to raise £12,000 to fund a squad of Heanor Lifesavers girls and for their support team to attend the World Lifesaving Championships for the first time, held in Egypt during October 2010.

The Star Foundation co-ordinates a Rags-To-Riches scheme, which involves the collection and recycling of old clothes and other items such as CDs and DVDs. The partner club benefits by payment for each item collected or by weight of clothes recycled.

HSC has had just two collections to date and the outcome from those represented funding income to the club of a cheque for £129 from The Star Foundation. In addition, a cheque for £25 was received by Mark Wright of HSC, from the heaviest individual contribution of clothes for recycling.

This money will be used by HSC to part-support a new project of training junior and adult volunteer members to become poolside coaches of swimming, first aid and lifesaving skills at the club.

A club spokesperson commented: “This scheme has been a great boost to the club since the members can actively take part in the collections and directly benefit from their efforts in these difficult times for fund-raising within voluntary groups”.

If you are interested in joining, visit or contact Mike Thomas on 01332 882082.