Boxing a family affair for Joe Venant


For Joe Venant, boxing is a family affair.

He makes his boxing debut in Nottingham on Saturday, August 20 and to prepare, he’s training with cousins Chris Wardle and Ben Fisher.

Venant says watching Wardle win his ring debut earlier this year convinced him to launch his own ring career.

The 23 year-old middleweight said: “I went to watch Chris fight and got a real feel for it. It made me really hungry. Now I want to be winning fights as well.

“I always wanted to box and I’ve been to gyms on and off for years. Over the last few months I’ve got stuck in, got better and thought: ‘I’m going to give this a go.’”

Venant. who co owns the busy Ghost Barber Shop in Langley Mill, is sharpening his skills at the busy Booyar Boxing Club in Eastwood.

He describes himself as “a long-range boxer” and as for his ambitions, Venant said: “I’m not saying I’m going to win titles. I just want to see how it goes.”

The show at PRZYM nightclub is topped by Andy Flint boxing for the Midlands Area Novice light-heavyweight title and tickets are available from 07445262627.