Jackson and Butterley Cups

THE draws for the Jackson and Butterley Cups were made last week at the New Inn, Little Eaton.

Details are as follows:

Jackson Cup, first round

Wednesday, May 25

1. Ilkeston Rutland, bye

2. Sawley & LE Park v Stainsby Hall

3. Sandiacre Town, bye

4. Marehay v Spondon

5. Swarkestone v Quarndon

6. Rolls Royce Leisure v Alvaston & Boulton

7. Elvaston, bye

8. Denby, bye

Second round

Wednesday, June 8

A. 1 v 2

B. 3 v 4

C. 5 v 6

D. 7 v 8


1. A v B at Denby, Wednesday, June 29

2. C v D at Spondon, Friday, July 8

Final at Alvaston & Boulton, Friday, July 22.

Butterley Cup

First round

Wednesday, May 18

1. Stanton Elks, bye

2. Denby v West Hallam WR

3. Little Eaton, bye

4. Littleover Centurions v Allestree

5. Sawley & LE Park, bye

6. Duffield v Breadsall

7. Derby Congs v Belper Amateurs

8. Mickleover v Elvaston

9. Darley Abbey v Aston-on-Trent

10. Heanor Town v Belper Meadows

11. Ilkeston Rutland, bye

12. Etwall v Nutbrook

13. Sandiacre Town v Spondon

14. Melbourne Town v Rosehill Meths

15. Ambergate, bye

16. Alvaston & Boulton, bye

Second round

Wednesday, June 1

A. 1 v 2

B. 3 v 4

C. 5 v 6

D. 7 v 8

E. 9 v 10

F. 11 v 12

G. 13 v 14

H. 15 v 16

Third round

Wednesday, June 15

P. A v B

Q. C v D

R. E v F

S. G v H


1. P v Q at Alvaston & Boulton, Wednesday, June 22

2. R v S at a venue to be announced, Friday, July 1.

The final will be played at Spondon CC on Friday, July 15.


This is a charity competition. Would all participating clubs please remember to take a collection at each home game in the rounds leading up to the semi-finals.

There were 33 games last season at which no collection was taken, if each of those had raised only £10 each, this would have made a significant difference to the final figure raised.