Setpiece defending is frustrating for Law

Alfreton Town manager Nicky Law said he was frustrated at his side’s defending from setpieces after their 2-1 defeat away at Southport on Tuesda.

The Reds conceded two goals from corners after taking the lead against the Port, consigning them to their first defeat in five Skrill Premier games.

Law was unhappy not just at the defending from the corners that led to the goals, but by the performance in general, which the Reds’ boss says wasn’t anywhere near the level seen in recent games.

“I’m disappointed with the result, I think we’ve come here and by our recent standards, we’ve not got anywhere near them,” said Law.

“But that said we still took the lead at 1-0. We’ve given away a poor first goal on the second phase of a corner, it’s back to 1-1. There’s a massive, massive decision when the referee doesn’t give a penalty for us …I have to be careful what I say but I think he was poor at best…but he hasn’t cost us the game.

“For the second corner, we’re in no danger whatsoever, the ball is going out, I don’t know if it’s a lack of communication but we’ve given a needless corner away. They’ve chucked everyone forward, we all know who’s marking who, but one player decides that he’s not going to mark and is going to stand spare.

“That’s pulled Wyldey [Michael Wylde] off his man to go and get the header, and we wind up getting caught on a disappointing corner.

“When you decide you’re going to do something else from the job you’re given, you’re going to get punished for it.

“So I’m disappointed but as I say, we’ve had a good run and it’s about how we bounce back now.”

Law named an unchanged lineup for the fifth consecutive game against Southport, keeping faith with the side that has taken Alfreton to the upper echelons of the Skrill Premier table, but admitted that he was now considering making changes with this Saturday’s away trip to Braintree Town in mind.”

Law also handed a spot on the bench to Samuel Akinde, brother of striker Jon, and revealed what he felt he would bring to his side.

“We’re obviously happy to have Sam, he’s a big strong lad and he’s technically good, he’s got a good strike on him and hopefully we can bed him in, get him involved. He’s another option for us, a big strong lad who’s technically very good as well, we’re glad to get him and hopefully he gives us another option up front.”

ATFC Supporters’ Association transport for the Braintree Town game will depart at 9am and seats can be booked via Mark Thorpe on 07857 558401.