Selston five-a-side league

The White Lion continued where they left off last week as they hit double figures for the second successive week in the Selston Sunday league.

A 12-2 victory over Horse and Jockey keeps them top on goal difference after hitting an impressive 48 goals n the opening five games.

White Lion skipper Mick Morgan earned rave reviews for his performance in this game.

Notts FC remain in third spot as Daz Scrimshaw’s performance helped them collect both points with an 11-4 win over Mot Mot Motley Crue whilst bitter rivals Inbertweeners and Norfolk In Chance faced each other for the first time this season. With only a point separating the two sides before kick off both sides were eager to claim a win but it was the Inbertweeners who held the ace in the pack as Ryan Straw guided the ‘tweeners up to forth spot after a convincing 9-0 victory.

Orange Sierra meanwhile secured a much needed first victory of the season this week at the expense of mid-table Waingroves.

The 5-3 victory moves Sierra up to seventh spot in the table as they look to make ground on the teams above them in the coming weeks. Malc Reddington’s stole the show with his all action display in this game.

Anyone who wants to join the 5 a side leagues in Selston can ring 0845 230 2340 or visit