Second year for club’s scheme

Alfreton Town’s Community Development Scheme has now been in operation for just over 12 months.

When it was launched, the original ideas were for the club to become more involved in the community, and, in return, that the community would become more involved in the club.

Club director John Glasby feels initial findings are that the the club has become more involved with the local community, but the club is not quite sure that the community has become more involved with the club and this will be one of the targets to be addressed in the coming year.

The year began with the creation of four apprenticeships for local, unemployed youngsters and Alfreton Town FC is pleased that all four achieved their NVQ Level Two qualifications in Activity Leadership and also their Sports Leadership awards.

By the end of January all but one had left the club to move on.

Danny Roughton remains as an assistant coach for the foreseeable future, once he has completed his Level Three qualification.

Last September, a further four apprentices were employed by the club on a one-year scheme to obtain similar qualifications.

The club has achieved sub-contractor status with Derby College and is now responsible for the delivery of the vocational training of these apprentices, although the college will continue to deliver the technical certificates.

The club’s scheme has also recently stepped into the breach to ensure the continuation of physical education at a number of local schools following the withdrawal of funds to those schools through the Schools Sports Partnership.

The scheme is entering its second year with a sense of achievement, but it still needs to find extra funding in order to grow further and is appealing for help.

Any local companies or business people who can make a donation to the scheme as moves into its second year are asked to contact John Glasby for any further details on 07763 401719.