Quality Cooper strike is enough for Pinxton

Pinxton FC managed a 1-0 win in their last game of the season at Blidworth on Saturday.

This was achieved thanks to a superb run by Jay Cooper from the halfway line. He worked his way to the Blidworth 18-yard line, and, with an instinctive strike, fired it in off the post, scoring the only goal on 16 minutes.

Pinxton’s Wayne Cooke came close on 28 minutes with a brilliant overhead kick which was saved by the keeper. The second half was a typical end-of-season game and looked like a one nil win for Pinxton all the way until the 90th minute, when Pinxton’s keeper came out and brought down the Blidworth striker.

Everyone thought it was inside the 18 yard box for a penalty, but as Mark Foster walked off the pitch after collecting a red card, the referee decided it was a free kick and so Pinxton could breathe again. Pinxton will now have to wait to see if Sutton Town slip up in their last five games to win the league.

Manager Glen Clarence is moving to pastures new and his replacement is Ben Newman. Glen would like to thank everyone involved with the club for a brilliant season.