No league probe as accused Pinxton demand apology from Bulwell over ‘invented’ allegations

SEEKING A BULWELL APOLOGY -- Pinxton (blue) in action earlier this season against Linby Colliery Welfare. (PHOTO BY: Rob Campion).
SEEKING A BULWELL APOLOGY -- Pinxton (blue) in action earlier this season against Linby Colliery Welfare. (PHOTO BY: Rob Campion).

A league probe has been ruled out after a football club, accused of offensive behaviour and comments in a match against BULWELL, issued a strong statement refuting all allegations.

Bulwell secretary Andy Radford claimed the Pinxton fans were guilty of abuse from the sidelines as their team strode to a 3-1 victory in the Central Midlands League’s (CML) South Division two weeks ago.

Pinxton responded by saying The Bulls’ “fanciful” version of events was “an extremely one-sided view” and urged the league to “investigate the claims fully and exonerate our club”.

However CML secretary Mark Senior said that, at this stage, the league did not intend to conduct an investigation into the dispute between the two clubs.

It was possible, though, that the two county FAs, Nottinghamshire (for Bulwell) and Derbyshire (for Pinxton), might look into it, depending on what the referee said in his official reports to them.

“We will be seeking a full retraction and apology from Bulwell,” said Pinxton secretary Jane Brookes in her club’s statement. “We have also asked for our home fixture against Bulwell on 22nd November to be attended by league officials, so no more false allegations can be made up that tarnish our reputation.”

Pinxton believe Bulwell “invented a scenario” to deflect from the behaviour of their striker, Conor Carter, when he was sent off at the end of the game.

“He received a red card for assaulting one of our players......and then jumped into the crowd to confront a supporter,” Brookes said in her statement.

Original allegations by Bulwell of racist chanting were “wholly untrue and vehemently denied”, continued Brookes, who added that referee Martyn Fryer “confirmed that he heard no racist comments at any time during the game”.

The Pinxton secretary also rebuffed a claim by Radford that Pinxton were reported last season for trouble that led to a match being abandoned.

The statement, which can be seen in full on Pinxton’s club website, concludes:

“We are extremely proud of our players’ conduct in such a volatile game.

“The claims made by Mr Radford are ridiculous, unfounded and reflect badly on his club.”