Law says league will be tough but is confident of Reds’ chances

NRHN 27-10-12 BE 15 Alfreton town v Telford. Manager Nicky Law.
NRHN 27-10-12 BE 15 Alfreton town v Telford. Manager Nicky Law.

Alfreton Town manager Nicky Law feels his side’s third season at Conference Premier Division level will be the hardest yet.

The Reds boss thinks the four clubs who have come up into the division will make life very tough.

“It is certainly going to be harder this time around. Chester, FC Halifax, Welling United and Salisbury City are much more affluent and more stable than the clubs who have gone down. In my honest, humble opinion, the four that have come up will make it tougher, you just have to look at the gates they get.

“And relegated clubs Aldershot Town and Barnet will certainly be on a par strength-wise with the two that have gone up.”

Law remains confident in Alfreton’s ability to survive but admits he is going to have to be patient in his search for new players.

“If I can add some more quality to the quality we have already got, I think we will be ok.

“I don’t want to be going into pre-season in three weeks’ time with nine players but we are going to have to be patient and we may have to take the odd chance on the odd player who is unproven at this level.

“We have to wait and bide our time, it is not the game you want to play, but unfortunately it is how we have to do it, it is we have always done it like that and it is going to be like that again this season.”

The Reds boss can only look on as several of the bigger clubs in the division have splashed the cash and done their business early.

“There are some clubs who last season were ‘in serious danger of going under’ but they have also brought several new players in already. We have to wait, to be patient.”

He added: “I am really pleased to have signed Bradley Wood. He is one that has come for the right reasons, geographically we were right for him and he wanted to get sorted out rather than wait, get himself a decent club where he has a good chance of playing.

“But, too many are holding out and chasing the big dollars and we can’t compete at that end.

“We have got to wait, be patient and pick the best of what’s left. With Bradley Wood coming in, hopefully if we can get two or three more quality players we will be alright.

“At the end of the day, we don’t get many more than 500 coming through our gates. That needs to change for us to go and compete more and until that changes, we have to do what we do.

“One man can’t do it all. To do what we do is a miracle in itself, it is very hard work every year to stay in the league. To get more of the type of quality players we have got we need more revenue. It’s not rocket science, it is common sense.”