Law apologises to fans and says players should to

Alfreton Town manager Nicky Law says his players should apologise to the fans who made the long trip to Dartford on Saturday.

“We passed the ball as well as we have all season, but if you can’t defend at centre half and have nothing up front, then you are in trouble

“The first goal was a mistake by the centre half, the second one was a mistake by a centre half and the third one was a free header which someone has not picked up.

“The fourth one, Paul Clayton has marked his man and then he has not got a clue where he is when he has headed it in.

The fifth one was down to Darren Kempson again.

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Sunday teams or Scouts, but you would not see goals like that in one of their games

“I thought when Ashley Worsfold and Nathan Arnold came on that they were willing to work, willing to run. How many times did they get in and ask the question? And of course we got the goal and could have got a couple more.

“The front two have given us absolute zero today and we were suicidal at centre half.

“If I am honest, I thought the rest of the team did well, played some good stuff and created some chances, but you can’t defend like that.

“Apologies to the fans, but i can’t keep apologising to them. They spent a lot of time and money getting here and for me, the players owe them an apology. What can I do? I can only apologise to them like I did last time.

“I take responsibility for the result, but at the end of the day anybody can look at that result and say that anyone off the pitch has done wrong, they haven’t. And it’s obvious with defending like that where the problem lies.”