Heanor Town boss warns against complacency after latest win

Heanor Town v Staveley
Heanor Town v Staveley

Heanor Town Glen Clarence believes his side can win plenty of matches if they avoid complacency.

The Lions extended their unbeaten run with a fine 3-0 win against Parkgate on Saturday as they picked up their third clean sheet in a row.

But Clarence has warned against the danger of taking things for granted as Heanor look to end the season on a high.

“I think we were slow to start today, the lads were told before the game how hard it would be against a resolute side,” he said.

“The most important thing for me is the three points, but that is now three clean sheets in a row.

“It shows what we are doing, we are solid, organised and we try to play a bit.”

“It wasn’t our greatest performance of the season, but it is three nil and three points. Everyone is happy.”

“We obviously had a shuffle in the pack, but these few games are the games I worry about.

“We can prepare mentally for games like Worksop Town and the others near the top. I don’t want to see us become complacent.

“If we stick to our game and play football as well as we did against Cleethorpes and we did today we will win games.”

Coach Steve Huntington, a man who stands by the simple logic that if you don’t concede then you do not lose, was also full of praise for the team’s defensive worth ethic.

He added” “We did well, the conditions were difficult with a strong wind and a bobbly pitch. It was always going to take the team a while to adjust.

“I thought the team did very well, we looked absolutely solid at the back as we have done for the last three games. If we can carry that through the final games then we should be in a good position.”

Heanor Town face a trip to crisis-hit Retford United this weekend and will be looking to extend ther winning streak.