Codnor end Field Lane’s 100 per cent record

Field Lane

Codnor Boys U14s

After meeting the league leaders only three weeks previously, and suffering a 7-2 loss, it was going to be interesting to see how the Boys would react.

Field Lane had already completed their previous 13 fixtures, gaining 13 wins and 39 points, but were to be denied by Codnor, who started the game brightly, and took the lead on seven minutes through Wilmot. On 15 minutes it was 1-1, but Codnor didn’t let the setback affect them and continued to create chances.

Half-time came with the score at 1-1 and Codnor controlling the game, going mighty close on more than one occasion. The next goal was crucial. Field Lane came out intent on keeping their 100 per cent record, piling on the pressure. However, Codnor defended well and always looked dangerous on the break.

With only two minutes remaining, Wilmot fed Waldron, and a last-ditch tackle was all that saved Field Lane from their first defeat. After some recent disappointing performances, pride was restored for all involved at Codnor. Field Lane will go on to get promotion, but their 100 per cent record has been ended by Codnor Boys.