daRTS AND DOMINOES FIRST SET OF RESULTS Heanor and District United Clubs Darts and Dominoes League Darts:- Poet and Castle 5 Sunnyside WM 2 Players scoring three ton or more for Poet:- D Gallagher 100 140 107 J Redfern 100 100 140 Underwood 4 Eastwood Victory Club 3 Players scoring three ton or more for Underwood R Cooper 100 100 100 140 C Sheward 100 100 100 140 G Farnsworth 100 100 100 and for Victory P Smith 100 100 121 Shipley WM 4 Heanor MW 3 Dominoes Poet and Castle 2 Sunnyside WM 3 Underwood MW 4 Eastwood Victory Club 1 Shipley WM 2 Heanor MW 3 swaNWICKS 5S AND 3S LATEST SCORES Division A Week One Horse & Jockey Crown 5 Beehive B 4

Heanor Town FC 6, Moulders Arms 3

Carnfield Club 5, Victoria 4


award for club

Kedleston Park Golf Club Ltd has been awarded theGolfMark accreditation after demonstrating its hard work and dedication to both junior and beginner’s golf.

England Golf developed the GolfMark award to identify and acknowledge golf facilities in England that were junior and beginner friendly

The GolfMark award also integrates Sport England’s Clubmark award, a national standard for quality sports clubs recognised across the country.

More than 30 other sports, including tennis and rugby are also using the alliance to add value to their accreditation schemes.

There are a number of benefits that golf clubs can gain by achieving GolfMark accreditation, including increased membership, raising the club’s profile, further development of coaches and volunteers and greater access to funding.