Who will afford the new homes?


I see yet another supermarket on the horizon for Ripley creating 300 jobs with 100 homes proposed. After attending the meeting at Waingroves and seeing the proposal there for the 98 homes as well.

How many of the people who are employed and who will be employed by the supermarkets do this council think can afford the homes that keep being proposed, and they keep passing for development in your borough?

How many local people do you have in a position of work able to purchase properties that are claimed to be so desperately needed, so far one from reading your letters page?

It was claimed that it is the government that is saying you need more housing at the meeting at Waingroves by a council official. It seems this government and the local council is out of touch with reality. As it’s real jobs and affordable housing and regeneration of the towns that is missing; not large retail outlets and unaffordable homes that keep getting proposed and passed.

Take a look at the average working wage of a supermarket worker as they are the jobs you keep boasting you are creating and start building homes they can afford. Better still improve the existing housing stock,

Start walking the streets councillors and take a closer look.

NW Packham