Wanted ex-Royal Navy ‘sparks’ for special op

The Royal Navy is looking for readers who have served in the electrical radio, radar, weapons, warfare or control branch of the Royal Navy and who is willing to assist in a small way in training tomorrow’s sailors in the skills and way of life learned whilst in the Royal Navy.

The Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association is working in conjunction with HMS Collingwood, at Fareham, in Hampshire, to bring to the sailors of tomorrow, the experience of yesterday.

First hand experience of on board life and dealing with the electrics and electronics of yesterday’s warships is still relevant, just a bit more up to date.

This will be relayed in a relaxed way to trainees in groups, by those who are able to visit HMS Collingwood for those short Lamp Swinging sessions.

The function of the Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association is to reunite those who have served together for them to swing the lamp and is achieved through membership lists, a regular newsletter and reunions. This new liaison with HMS Collingwood adds to the visits we make there as a group from time to time as well as the Open Day.

In the words of the Kitchener poster “Your Association needs YOU” to help with the training of tomorrow’s sailor.

Have a look at what we do at www.rneba.org.uk and download an application form or write to Mike Crown, RNEBA, 7 Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8PG or drop me an email at mike@rneba.org.uk.

Looking forward to hearing from ex-members of the R N electrical Branch.

Mike Crowe